Wedding party rental companies can provide you with everything from basic table and chair rentals to upscale tuxedos, linens, and floral arrangements. They can also help you with tents, heating and cooling equipment, entertainment options, and more.

Some couples use a wedding party rental company to save on costs by renting things that they don’t want to buy, such as chairs and tables, or linens. Others choose to go all out and invest in custom-made centerpieces, rugs, lighting, and other items that would cost a fortune for them to make themselves.

In general, it’s best to work with a party rental company that has experience in weddings. They’ll be able to give you the most accurate estimate on what you need, and they can ensure that the equipment is delivered in a timely manner.

A good wedding party rental company should also have a variety of different sizes and types of tables for you to choose from, from round tables for buffets to square tables for dessert bars. They’ll also have a variety of styles and colors of linens to choose from, including linen napkins and table runners.

If you’re hosting a large outdoor event, you may need a tent, which can add to the costs of the venue. A tent rental company can help you select the right type of tent for your size and needs, from sailcloth tents to clear top tents, pole tents, marquee tents, and more.

When you’re selecting the perfect size, you need to consider the number of guests you expect to have and how many tables you plan to seat. Then, you can calculate the total area of the tent and how much you need to rent to accommodate all the guests.

For example, if you’re expecting 50 people at your wedding reception, you’ll need a tent that is 750 square feet or more. This is the minimum amount of space you need to accommodate everyone without causing them to feel crowded or uncomfortable.

You can also consider tent flooring, which is a great way to keep the dance floor dry if it rains. Most tent rental companies offer different finishes, including plastic floors in light, medium, and heavy grades.

Other party rental equipment you’ll need for your wedding includes heaters and fans to keep your guests comfortable in the warm weather. A wedding party rental company will have a wide range of different heaters and fans to choose from, so you can be sure that you have the right one for your venue.

Lastly, you’ll need lighting to add ambiance and a touch of glamour to your big day. A lighting company can give your ceremony and reception a beautiful glow with lights that include pin spots, color washes, and uplighting.

There are a lot of different parties and events out there that could benefit from the services of a wedding party rental company, so you should be able to find plenty of potential clients to work with. Some of these parties can be as simple as a small backyard affair, while others can involve tented weddings or large, multi-day events with hundreds of guests.