The Dria is definitely on my top 5 registry and baby shower list, and I will definitely be trying the other colors. I chose the Oslo for my review since I wear darker colors right now. I absolutely love unwrapping my Dria, I let Baby K help me unwrap it and even try it out. She looked adorable but wouldn’t let me snap a quick picture. Once I received it I fell in love with the fabric instantaneously. It hardly feels like I have a “nursing cover” on, more like an added piece of clothing. It is so soft and airy, but not flimsy at all. All of Dria covers are made from one of the softest, lightest, and most comfortable fabrics around, Modal. This fabric is light, breathable, and is highly wrinkle and shrink resistant. Bonus features: the neck opening allows you to sneak a peek while nursing, and the material is light enough to allow air to move freely about so your babe won’t overheat. Dria covers fit a broad range of body types and are designed to be able fit comfortably over any stroller or car seat. I really like this cover. It does everything it says it does, and it works really well with what I will need it for. I love that all I will need is one thing instead of carrying around four things I can stick it in the diaper bag and just grab it when I need it.

The Dria is a nursing cover, but to fully test out how well it works we tested it out. We did try out the Dria on our carrier and stroller, it works amazing, Baby K & Baby RJ really hate the wind in their face or to be cold. The Dria is awesome in the summertime too, with the breathable material its perfect all year round. I highly recommend the Dria Cover to all parents, the ARV is $80 its a bit pricey but when you think about it, its a 4 in 1 cover, great for so many reason and the material is AMAZING its definitely worth the price.