Children grow quickly, so the first clothes for newborn boys, you can buy with a small reserve. Even if a baby’s parents are not planning to swaddle him at all, they will still have a huge selection of hats, bodysuits, rompers and pants. Manufacturers take into account the trend away from swaddling and offer miniature closet items that can be worn right from birth. 

Soft natural materials are used for the manufacture of such products, and they are sewn according to a special cut. It provides for a minimum number of seams (outside), the presence of convenient buttons, ties, and a wide elastic band. You can buy baby boy birthday clothing or baby girl dress with quick address delivery on specialized sites on the network. 

Clothing for newborn boys: hats, sliders, body 

The colors of the first closet for boys – gray, blue, yellow, white, beige and light blue. Fabrics with funny prints, images of lambs, tiger cubs, bunnies and fishes look interesting. Geometric designs, polka dots and stripes and zigzags are among the winning design options for photo shoots. 

Overalls, envelopes, undershirts and onesies – what to choose? Experienced parents in their reviews advise to choose clothes for newborn boys on zippers. These are overalls with buttons on the legs and bodysuits. It is important that the fasteners were in the front and gave quick access to the baby’s feet – so changing will take very little time and will not be tedious. Look at the label information and buy models made of machine washable and dryable material. 

Important qualities of clothes for newborn boys: 

  • material – natural, pleasant to the body, breathable (linen, calico, cotton); 
  • density – too dense fabric can contribute to overheating, even if it is natural, so the dense terry and flannel vests, pants, buy for the cold season; 
  • type of fabric – materials such as interlock, have a light, airy texture, so they are often used to sew children’s clothes; 
  • size – the smallest size is 50, for children 1-2 months usually choose size 56. 

The usability of this or that thing depends on the season. If the baby was born in summer, at first fit body, onesies, light overalls and thin bonnets. In winter, you’ll need envelopes, overalls, socks, booties, and warm hats. The price of autumn and winter clothing for newborn boys will be higher, as there are used lining, insulators. 

Kits for baby showering 

Choosing bonnets, pants, socks, do not forget about a set for baby showering. This kit is usually made in white or cream color, it includes: a corner, vest, cap, booties, onesies. You can also choose a shirt separately. The outfit may be decorated with gold, silver embroidery, satin ribbon, lace. Order in an online store quality products for children. They offer products from famous foreign and domestic brands. 

Clothing for babies are special things that must meet many requirements. Children’s skin is much more sensitive and delicate than adults. That is why ordinary cheap synthetics, which is actively used in the creation of clothing for adults, is completely unsuitable for creating a body for babies or other elements of the children’s closet. In the online store you can find baby boy clothing from the best manufacturers. The range is worth talking about in detail.

Assortment of baby clothes

In the catalog of the online stores you will find such options of baby boy clothing.

  • Little overalls for babies. They have a classic zipper, or worn over the legs. There are different models for cold and hot seasons.
  • Booties for newborns, as well as cozy socks and soft hats. In the first months of life, these accessories are especially important for the comfort of your baby.
  • Bodywear. The bodysuits are comfortable, do not constrain the baby’s movements and do not cause discomfort. Such clothes are perfect for home use as well as for walks.
  • There are also beautiful baby birthday clothing.
  • Infant diapers, nappies, and towels. Baby nappies and towels are designed to hide your baby’s face from the weather or prying eyes. Such things are also used on the day of discharge from the maternity hospital and at any celebration. They are usually decorated with lace and embroidery, so they look stylish and beautiful. Also in the catalog there are soft towels for bathing, chintz and baize diapers. Tidy plaids will provide coziness and warmth.
  • Sliders for newborns. The range includes all modern and classic models. You can choose Euro versions with elastic bands under the cuffs or diapers, nursery models and versions with buttons.
  • Sets for babies under 12 months. Outfits for girls with skirts, options for boys with pants, large kits that have more hats and body. All these are made of natural materials and safe accessories. You can choose any option of holiday clothing for babies.